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Cosmic Copy Week: Voice of Customer Interviews

Hi friend! Please fill out the form below ASAP so I can reach out to your clients/customers and conduct voice of customer interviews for our project.

When you're selecting clients/customers for me to interview, it's important that they have 1) purchased the offer from you & 2) used the offer. This means that the people who have already given you feedback (such as a testimonial) are the best bet.

You can either think of a few customers off the top of your head, or reach out to your community and ask for volunteers. I'll cc you on each invite email so your people know this is a legitimate request.

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Client/Customer #1

Client/Customer #2

Client/Customer #3


It can be really helpful to have a few backups, in case the people you've mentioned above aren't available. Please leave the name & email address of two more customers/clients in this box, just in case.

Thanks so much, !

I'll reach out to arrange the VOC interviews ASAP.