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Lightning Launch Copy Prep Work

Hi friend! I'm thrilled to be supporting you with Lightning Launch Copy!
This prep work serves two purposes: to get me up to speed on your shiny new offer and to help you think through the finer details of getting your offer out into the world.
The more detail you're able to give, the better your copy will turn out. Don't worry about grammar or spelling, though—I'm looking for context and information, not judging your typing skills or how you think.
If you'd prefer to speak rather than write, you can also record a short video for each answer on a service like Loom. Just paste the share link in the relevant question box.

About You

What are your top 3 values? Why are they important to you?

What about you specifically do your clients or customers love? Why do they choose you?

Why do you wake up everyday excited to serve your audience?

Who do you consider to be your top 3 competitors? What do you do better or differently?